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Introducing Network Tools Kit.

What is Network Tools Kit?

Network Tools Kit is application for testing the network and a computer in the network. This program is for the novice users and for the network administrators.

System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/2003/XP.
Microsoft TCP/IP protocol.

The main advantages:

- Most of the tools work in multithreading! For an example: the command Trace. If you use Trace utility from the package of Windows and from others designers of software then it works from 15 till 60 seconds. TRACE from Network Tools Kit does it for 2 seconds! It saves your time!
- You have all network tools in one application!
- Easy to use. It lightens the mastering for the novice users. And Network Tools Kit gives powerfull tools, which are necessary for the professional work.
- Network Tools Kit is High performance and reliability program. Network Tools Kit was tested by the system administrators and on workstations and on high-performance servers. During creating of Network Tools Kit was considered the real consumption of professional administrators.

Who needs Network Tools kit?

It is for the usual users: for the control availability of the network and the hosts, getting information about current TCP/IP connections, checking the hosts for available the network services, obtaining of the information from databases whois.
It is for the network administrators.
It is for the employees of services network security: for control of available network services of computers.
It is for the employees of ISP and their users.

The brief of the basic tools.

IP Config is the information about your network settings.
Connections shows a list of the connections of your computer with other computers. Detail information includes the address of computers, ports, protocols and etc. This tool has a filter and sorting of connection's viewing. This is important for using this program on a power server with large quantity of connections, such as www server.
Ping checks availability of computer in the network. This tool works in a multithreading.
Trace obtains the list of gateways between your computer and a particular device. This tool works in a multithreading. It allows saving from 1 to 3 minutes during one testing. It is needed for finding short-term mistakes in the network.
Whois obtains the information about domain names and IP addresses from databases whois.
Services obtains the information about available network services on remote computers. This tool works in a multithreading.
Network Scanner is a power tool. It obtains the information for one and several computers: availability (ping), reverse domain name, logon user name, MAC address, check up the available network services.
HTML checks up a work of www servers. This tool is gotten a header and a body of the documents.
Trace plotter
And more...   12/11/2003